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With your investment involving hundreds of thousands of dollars it is important to have the right people with extensive experience in the specific field of Property Management look after that investment to ensure you achieve the highest possible return while safeguarding your very important asset.

At REALTOR we are the best available!

Our Point of Difference - REALTOR is one of the longest serving and most successful real estate agencies on the Gold Coast. That longevity means you are dealing with people with experience and consistency and you will have the security of knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Our Property Management team and your investment is handled directly by our Office Principal, Owner and Industry Leader, Mark Croudace so you can rely on the best knowledge available.

Unlike other Property Management organizations, our team works together as a Group rather than individually to ensure you are receiving the best possible advice and service with all and any specific areas of the management of your property. With that team approach, you can be assured that there is someone watching your investment 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Experience - With an experienced team and proven monitored systems, we have the knowledge to avoid potential problems, minimizing any potential downtime and expense to the investor. Property Management is our core business. The team at REALTOR will take responsibility for your investment, providing a firm but fair service based on current legislation and market conditions.

Market Knowledge - Dealing with the Gold Coast property market on a daily basis on both a Property Management and Property Sales basis, ensures that we are always up to date with the current market conditions. We are aware of the supply and demand factors across all price ranges of the property market and are therefore able to ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice and rental return at all times.

Policies to Ensure your Highest Return - A firm but fair approach  to Tenant issues is always going to result in your investment having the best protection. We have a Maximum Enforcement Policy that means the moment a tenant is in arrears or steps outside the guidelines of their Lease requirements, we act immediately. Legislation requires us to comply to certain time frames and we enforce those time frames to the minute. Immediate action with all matters ensures minimized negative impact.

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Unfortunately some Property Management organizations are simply one person operations that are working out of a shoe box in the back room of their rented property and hence do not have the resources to carry the appropriate Insurances and Professional indemnities that are so important in today's era of litigation.Without the correct policies in place, you could become personally responsible for negative issues with your property! At REALTOR we carry the highest level of both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability available.

Compliance - Not only are our transactions Audited by regulatory Government Bodies but also by the legal requirements we have under the Property Protection Act 2014, so you can be assured that all of your transactions with us are secure and compliant.

Who are they with This Month - Many property managers come and go with other companies leaving you with the question as to who are we dealing with now, so the fact that the owner of the company is directly in charge of your property means you will always know who to call.